Industry and specialities lubricants

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The wide range of TOTAL products means that you can find the maintenance lubricants or specialized products to meet your every need. By choosing TOTAL, you can be fully confident that our team will work with you to enhance your productivity and reduce your maintenance costs.

TOTAL lubricants oils, greases and special products are designed for all stages of your manufacturing process, in each industrial sector: food, aviation, car manufacturing, cement, chemical, energy, materials, metalworking, paper, steel, textile, wood.

  • Iron industry
  • Cement industry
  • Mines
  • Power plants
  • Textile industry
  • Chemical industry, etc.

Oils and greases for all types of industrial needs

Our lubricants can satisfy a lot of needs:

  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • Transformers
  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Metal works
  • Textile machines
  • Heat insulation, etc...
  • More than 400 oils and greases exist today.
  • Gear Oils
  • Compressor Oils
  • Pneumatic System Oil
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Cylinder Oils
  • Turbine Oils
  • Transformer Oils
  • Machine Tool Oils
  • Cutting Oils
  • Greases
  • Food Grade Lubricants

Wide range of services and day-to-day technical support

In addition to products that can meet your needs, TOTAL proposes a wide range of services that can be customized:

  • Lubrication audits of your installations with the aim of an optimization of your maintenance;
  • Storage Equipment and lubricant distribution;
  • Equipment for the reduction of effluents;
  • How to manage the waste;
  • Staff training;
  • Used oil analysis;
  • Optimization of the lubrication of your installations for a maximal availability of your tool of production.

Products profile

  • Power Generation Engine oils: Aurelia TI 4055
  • Industrial oils:

         - Hydraulic: Azolla ZS 32, 46, 68
         - Gear oils: Carter EP 150, 220, 320, 460
         - Turbine oils: Preslia 32, 46, 68
         - Compressor oils: Danis 46, 68
         - Food grade lubricants: Nevastane
         - Heat transfer oils: Seriola
         - Textile oils: Texinol FC
         - Greases: Ceran GEP, Multis Complex EP2 and EP3


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